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For our investors

FirstCryptoBank for investors is trying to be the best since we offer a fully transparent and highly profitable business. We do not limit our borders and we work all over the world. Investing in crypto-currency can bring both a big income and also a loss of funds, so we decided to make some changes in the work with the crypto currency and combine it with real business such as construction, trade, production, logistics and more. We have partners with whom we have been working for more than ten years, their business is metallurgical plants, management of housing utilities, capital construction. We constantly have large and highly profitable orders. We are pleased to see both large and small investments and we all can offer better conditions. To our investors, we provide full financial reporting and access to the facility. Also, our investors themselves can determine in which business and for how long to invest their capital we have both long-term and short-term offers. For our investors, we can create a joint venture before investment through which we can control the whole process. We ask you to write to us at how much you are willing to invest and we will make you the best offer.


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