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About FCB

FirstCryptoBank helps provide unique functions to clients such as credit, deposits and loans against deposits as well as fund transfers using both PC and Mobile devices. In the future clients will be able to withdraw FCB ERC20 tokens to FIAT money. Our user accounts have a functional yet simple interface that is easy and intuitive to understand and if you have issues there is online support to help resolve the issue simply open a ticket with your FCB account to get help from an operator. Full functions will be available soon from all Android & IOS devices allowing you to manage your FCB account no matter where you are. FCB is committed to accepting an ever increasing list of crypto currencies that we can accept through the FCB account. You can also earn a special GOLD level award allowing you to get special conditions for credit and allowing access to other types of earnings with your FCB account.


FCB account users can view their credit scores and the amount they can loan against current FCB account holdings at any time. The amount of loan is calculated from the account credit score which will be constantly changing as your account history improves and how you use the FCB account. Please be aware that the amount that is loaned against the account will depend on the account holders turnover if a loan is overdue additional interest is added and credit score and credit limit will be lowered until the account is closed or blacklisted and the cut off point is ZERO equity we do this to protect other FCB users from losses. It is possible to extend the credit time but please be aware that interest rates will change accordingly and all interest is payable on the day of extension. Gold status members can use our crediting service not only in FCB token but other crypto currencies that are supported and will also be able to take a loan in FIAT once the account starts to support this feature.

Interest is only paid in the coin you started the loan with for example if you loaned by using BTC you will be paid interest in BTC.


Deposits will work with specified crypto currencies that are listed in the account and interest will be fixed throughout the deposit period and the longer the deposit the hight the interest rate will be but clients that took a deposit in FCB token will receive a higher interest rate than other currencies. All interest is paid in the currency you used to make the deposit in. Gold status account holders will be able to receive interest payments in the currency they used to deposit with and will also be able to take interest payments before they are due on the day requested but with full conditions being met by the account holder.

Loan against deposit

FCB customers will be able to take a loan against deposit in any of the supported currencies in the FCB account at that given days exchange rate and the loan will be issued directly in the coins you choose to be paid in and interest will be fixed throughout the time period you have chosen. Gold account users will be able to take a loan in other crypto currencies that are not listed in the account whilst also paying the interest on the account in the currency they loaned against. Crediting period can be increased by using the online operator but interest must be paid on the day of extension to avoid additional interest being added any delay in this could damage your FCB accounts score reducing loan amounts and features. Loan extension interest is calculated on the day of the extension

Loans and deposits in FCB coins will always be more profitable than in other crypto-currency!

Please be aware that the interest rate of both loan and deposit may change but will be fixed from the moment it is agreed through digital signature.

FirstCryptoBank has a reserve fund which is constantly replenished with our credit products, trading, mining, investment and other types of earnings and products we provide to customers which allows us to make timely payments to existing holders and customers. We will make sure our customers are informed and aware of which projects we are investing and working with through our news feed in the FCB account.

Sincerely, the FCB team.