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Who we are?

FCB is designed to be used for complete convenience, Our tool allows you to use your current crypto holdings to full use. We have developed a system that will allow you to use the benefits of our services such as loans, deposits, loans against deposits, exchange, FIAT money withdrawal, deal with guarantee, you can also sell or buy hashing power with our service now. We have developed a system that will allow traders to use the full potential of our exchange platform to use existing funds to make further trades on the marketplace without having to liquidate existing coin holdings to purchase further coin holdings. We are also implementing Android and IOS apps to help you trade from any device and have successfully implemented a working browser account.

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You can buy FCB coins on one of exchanges where we’re listing.

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By investing your money in our crypto currency you are making a good contribution to your future. FCB is a progressive growth coin. Choose a convenient way to get your first FCB coin.


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What do you have in your account?

How does FCB work

FCB deposit

You can use your FCB account to place deposits in any of the coin listed that we support, all deposits will have interest paid in the coin that you chose to deposit with. You may also choose what the term is your coins are gaining interest from 1-12 months terms the longer you choose the term the more interest you will gain. Small short term deposits can be made which is good for miners and allows you to use your FCB account as a wallet to also gain interest on your coins that you have mined.

FCB Loan against deposit

FCB allows you to stay in control of your assets, you can trade your crypto while still being in control of it and be able to buy other crypto currencies without having to sell your existing holdings putting potential profits at risk. For example you can use your FCB account to take a loan for one crypto currency and use those funds to buy another crypto currency or you can take a USDT for your coins at the current exchange rate for the day and as soon as you pay the loan back you will receive your coins you originally used back, all interest will be calculated to the date you pay it back with no fixed term fees.

FCB credit

Loans will be issued to active users with good credit score. The total credit amount and credit score will be displayed in user’s account.

Our news

Crypto-curencies supported by the FCB

Advancement plan for 2018


Coin code enhancement.


Ability to work with fiat money.


Withdrawing fiat money with a mobile wallet.


Adding earnings of our clients.


Supporting start-ups and investing in new technologies.


Opening of a charity fund.

Customer support

In their accounts, all clients will have access to an operator online, with whom they can solve all of their technical issues.


Support contacts

Where do funds come from for supporting FCB

  • FCB accounts are replenished with interest payment by clients, established interest from mining, work of our traders and other services.
  • FCB makes and accepts all interest payment to and from customers only in FCB coins.

FCB Warranty and Security

  • All financial operations in your account will have the best protection, as our security staff are constantly working on security improvements.
  • FCB assumes full responsibility to customers and guarantees full, immediate recovery of funds on your accounts in case of any situations.
  • FCB has a reserve fund and our clients will not even notice any emergency situations.
FCB security

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